Why You Need To Backup Data

Posted on 03. Mar, 2010 by in Data Backup Advice

In the digital age, backing up data is as essential to your security as an SSL certificate when filling out an online order form or the encrypted security code when filling in your password on a web form. Without data backup, your computer or server could be the last link between your precious information and oblivion. You have to make sure that not all that precious data is resting in just one place. If you backup every file, document, image, video, and record that is stored in just one place into another backup source, or a multiple backup paradigm if you’re really secure, then you will have no risk if a disaster effects your data.

how to backup data safely

A computer can get stolen, drop and break, or inexplicably crash. No matter how secure your computer was when you bought it, anything can happen, and if you’re in the habit of making every physical document a digital version instead, you could be in a world of hurt if you had to replace everyone by hand.

It is possible to lose thousands of dollars of music you purchased from an online web store and run out of any tunes to kick back and listen to. If they’re all stored on your computer, then you’re out of luck if your computer crashes. That’s why iTunes, the number one music store in the world, recommends that you backup your data.

All your personal contacts, e-mail address books, address books, calendar appointments, bank records, digital photographs, movies, accounts, usernames, and passwords could all be gone with a virus that invades your computer and destroys everything. People are loath to just let their data go to waste because it is so hard to recreate or recover it once it’s gone. Fortunately, you will have an opportunity to recover it free of hassle if you’ve backed it up to begin with in a secure location far away from your computer and out of danger of being associated with any disaster that might happen to your computer, like property damage, water damage, or theft.

Protecting your personal and office information from bad tidings are what any good digital age citizen should do in case their computer ceases to function as required, and, as will inevitably happen, stops working someday. The proliferation of flash drives, time capsules, and servers attests to the fact that people everywhere are making backing up data, second nature, pun intended.

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