Jimmy Now Knew The Perils Of Not Backing Up His Data

Posted on 28. Feb, 2010 by in Data Backup Stories

We’ve all heard the story of ‘my dog ate my homework’. But no one is more familiar with this story than little Jimmy. Little Jimmy wasn’t so little. He was in college. His goal was to finish his research paper in time for some much-needed rest over Christmas.

backup homework dogHowever, he never got that chance. Jimmy had composed his entire research paper on his computer, and he didn’t have time to re-write it in time for its deadline two days later when his computer crashed. In fact, his number one objective in life was to complete school, and all because of the absence of a simple flash drive his whole life was put into ruin. His happiness was permanently derailed when he couldn’t get the job he really wanted now that his college degree was in jeopardy.

People are scared that their data will be lost, but they often don’t muster the purpose to do something about it because they’re too lazy. Jimmy put every ounce of effort into his paper, but he just couldn’t complete it because of the lack of judgment in not getting a flash drive that would make his transition to a new career impeccably easy. It’s inconceivable that any college student in today’s modern age would not have a flash drive.

Sometimes, your flash drive might not work or crash so get at least two flash drives from two different manufacturers and ascertain that they are in good working order by testing both of them before using them. The price should be under $30 and this one-time fee for a lifetime insurance policy is not a bad price to pay for having the security of your personal progress and content intact.

There is nothing wrong with taking a dedicated measure to ensure your safety, survival, and security vis-à-vis what should be every computer’s accompaniment, a flash drive.

Little Jimmy eventually passed his class and grew up and became a lawyer. Instead of remembering the chaos that his lack of a flash drive cost him the first time, he saved all his client files on his computer, and didn’t do anything about backing them up for future use in case his computer was compromised in some way. Because Jimmy thought he had the best computer, he thought he didn’t need to fiddle with a flash drive. Boy, was he wrong. His computer crashed, his client information got lost, and his customers weren’t happy.

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