Is remote backup for you?

Posted on 24. Feb, 2010 by in Data Backup Advice

Remote backup is a form of backup service that is not as simple as FTP, SFTP, WebDav, or any of the other generalized protocols that most neophytes use for backup data and recovery.

hard drives for back-up

A remote backup service, is, in essence, a service that offers a designated GB amount for a designated amount per month in addition to a username and password, global access to all your data, advanced technical support, and a myriad of other features that only a crazy person would reject. In addition, this protects your computer from hacker attack, virus, fire, theft, or hard drive failure because all of the precious data on your computer will be essentially stored elsewhere. So, it will then be a question of replacing your computer, which can be done with a computer warranty.

You can guarantee full prevention of complete, partial, or minute data loss with a subscription service to any old remote backup service. Make sure it has some good reviews online of its thoroughness, respectability, and corporate governance security unless you want your data to be in danger where you’re doing the remote data loss.

People should not be hesitant to upload their data, but it may be something new and difficult for you, which is why companies provide free technical assistance or advice with their support staff constantly on hand to help you by phone, email, or fax.

Remote backup is a practice that all small businesses and most major corporations should do, or are doing. There is no danger in letting your remote backup be a source of inspiration for organizing, securing, and maintaining your business because controlling and securing every aspect of your company should be your highest priority.

You can also get standalone backup software, but it is still limited to the offline world and perhaps your own computer, and that is no good in case some damage happens to the house where you’re living and the remote backup software itself is compromised in a matter of minutes with the threat of a natural disaster or human theft.

You should investigate each form of remote backup and see which form is right for you. There is no harm in getting into remote backup as a matter of principle because it is surely one of the most effective ways to secure your important data.

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