Data Backup Advice

Posted on 26. Jul, 2009 by in Data Backup Advice

Backing up data is important, no doubts about it – but just what advice should be kept in mind when considering a backup strategy? Here are some pointers when considering how to backup data:

  • The more important the data that is stored on the computer the greater the need is for backing up this data.
  • A backup is only as useful as its associated restore strategy.
  • Storing the copy near the original is unwise, since many disasters such as fire, flood and electrical surges are likely to cause damage to the backup at the same time.
  • Automated backup and scheduling should be considered, as manual backups can be affected by human error.
  • Backups will fail for a wide variety of reasons. A verification or monitoring strategy is an important part of a successful backup plan.
  • It is good to store backed up archives in open/standard formats. This helps with recovery in the future when the software used to make the backup is obsolete. It also allows different software to be used.

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