Backup 101: Why do you need to back up your computer?

Posted on 04. Oct, 2012 by in How to Backup Data

Some people may wonder as to why we need to keep backups of our files. While this question is trivial to many, it still needs to be answered. The answer is simple: valuable data. While most of our applications are recoverable through new software installation, our files and folders aren’t easily recoverable unless you have backup solutions. For some, you might not care much about the loss of some of your files but if your hard drive containing your valuable photos crash, you might wonder why you did not back up your files in the first place.

What is needed?

flickr pro to backup photos We are glad that we got your interest in this because backups will benefit you in the long run. If you decided to spend some money on it, the cheapest option would be to have an external hard drive (See shopping options for external hard drives). This is because hard drives today are available at an affordable price. In fact, you can get one as big as 1TB for roughly $100. Another option would go with network assisted storage or NAS drives instead. However, these can be quite expensive but is more secure and robust.

Once you have the hard drive, we shall proceed to the backup. There are many applications available for you to do your backup. Norton for example, has its Norton Ghost application. However, this can be quite expensive. A good alternative would be to use freesoftware such as the CrashPlan. It allows you to choose the folders that you want to keep for backup and transfer them to your external hard drive. Besides that, you can also backup to your friend’s compute or to another computer for free through CrashPlan too.

Other Alternatives?

how to backup data computer If you think that only your photos are important, you might want to consider getting an online photo backup service instead. One of the cheapest (and also the best) that we can recommend is Flickr Pro. It costs only $25/year but you can upload unlimited amount of photos. SmugMug is another great alternative but it can be quite costly as compared with Flickr. Get Your Flickr Pro Account for Just $24.95 for an Entire Year (Only $2 a Month!)“>

In fact, you can also combine two types of solutions as well. For example, we have both Dropbox and Flickr Pro, all of which are available as a cloud storage backup solution. You can use the limited space available in Dropbox to back up your important documents. For photos, you can keep them in Flickr Pro instead. If you find that Dropbox is too limited, you might want to consider a good alternative to it that is Google Drive.

Last words

We highly recommend that you maintain at least one backup solution. In fact, automate it. If you have a Mac, run Time Machine and for Windows, use alternatives such as CrashPlan. In fact, some hard drive comes with a backup application. You can also use those too. Just be sure to have a backup solution or else, you might just regret it.

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