Backing Up Music Files Is A Smart Move

Posted on 23. Feb, 2010 by in Data Backup Stories

Sandy had purchased over 3,000 hours of music on her new Apple laptop and she was all too happy to start listening to it. Unfortunately, a freak crash caused her computer to burn up the hard drive, and all her data was lost – on her laptop that is. Luckily, Sandy had made a backup copy of all her music to a cheap flash drive that she had purchased at Radio Shack. Because of this, she was able to get a new laptop at the Apple store with her 2-year warranty and load all her new music into her iTunes music library.

However, if she had no backed up her music, Apple would have made no attempt to recover her music for her. That is why Apple makes tons of calls for users to backup data because they are not responsible for music that is lost or inexplicably is gone.

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