A real personal story to convince you to backup your data

Posted on 26. Feb, 2010 by in Data Backup Stories

It is not infrequent that a person in a profession or business setting effectively ruins their career, forward momentum, or job progress by losing all the data they require to work. For example, a video editor inadvertently erases the entire contents of the movie he is working on for a small amateur filmmaker collective or a work-at-home mom loses all the articles she is writing for a big conglomerate, or a small peon of an office workers loses all the accounts for everyone in the office, thereby delaying pay for 2 weeks.

accidents happen backup data

Accidents happen - backup your data!

Stories like these are not uncommon, and they cause a lot of discomfort, pain, and sorrow in small business settings where policies, procedures, and technical policies are not caught up with the major corporations and conglomerates. Ironically, the damage does far more damage at the lower level than it does at the higher level of the corporate ladder in America. For that reason, every small business should have a personal technical worker to handle data backup specifically.

One person, let’s call him Jeff, was uploading all the information for the new year for inventory for a small business called Jeff’s Auto Parts. The entire inventory hadn’t been ordered yet, but it was the result of countless hours of calculating over several weeks about the best parts needed to order for the year based on the likelihood of customers buying them. The data was fried in an unexpected hard drive crash, and Jeff had no idea what to order for his auto parts store for the upcoming year. The unexpected delay of having to recalculate forced him to close down his business for two months, and he was eventually foreclosed on when he had to stop making payments for 2 months.

Because of this unfortunate incident, Jeff had to go live at home with his mom and work on friends’ cars in his garage at home making a pittance of what he could have made at his auto parts store. This all happened because Jeff didn’t get a simple flash drive that could have cost him just $14. Stories like these are common in rural America where people are continually losing ground to technology, the very factor that could help them accelerate their business forward into the new millennium.

Jeff eventually became a spokesperson for data backup on the national talk show circuit; mostly appearing on tech-oriented shows on obscure channels. However, his presence is well known throughout rural and geek America.

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