Saved My Skin

I am an independent contractor dealing in education, and I have several files that I use in the course of my business, mainly spreadsheets. I thought I have a good backup process, but your articles made me realise that if something bad were to happen to me, there could be a 2 week gap after my last backup date. That means 2 weeks of blood and sweat would be wasted, and I shudder whenever I think of how tedious it would be to get back all that data (assuming that all of it could be retrieved and redone!). Thanks for the reminders! Come look me up when you're in the bay, and I'll get you a beer.

Kim Leong,
San Francisco, CA

You Should Back Up Your Data

backup data happy girlData backup is important on so many levels. Even if you’re a home user who only uses the computer for web browsing and email checking, data backup is still important. Think about the data that you’re interacting with on a daily basis – mail that you download to your computer, files that you save, digital photographs of places that you’ve visited and of your loved ones, and music that you listen to. Are these data backed up properly? If your computer were to crash and suffer from a hard drive error, or if your 5-year-old nephew were to spill milk over your computer, will you be able to bring back the data that you need?

Sobering Data Loss Statistics

of PCs will have some data loss episode in a given year
$7.6 billion
was lost by Americans as a result of computer data loss
is the cost of recovery of a simple hard drive, and is not guaranteed
of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of losing their data